184: Delivering APEX – We Deliver Passion

This is the second episode in our “Delivering Apex” mini-series, in partnership with Apex Logistics.

Last week in Episode 1, “Apex Cares,” I was joined by Amy Froese and Holly Qualman to talk all about quality service and giving back – why it’s so important and the different programs Apex are involved in to truly help make the world a better place.

Today in Episode 2, “We Deliver Passion,” I’m joined by Sangna Mistry Kuhia, Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development at Apex, to talk about people – the ins and out of hiring and retention, Apex’s people-led approach and why a motivated, dedicated and passionate workforce is the key to success.



[01.07] An introduction to Sangna, her role at Apex and her passion for people.

“Employee relations is one of the most important things that we do as leaders.”

[05.23] Why a great workforce is so important.

[08.17] A picture of the global Apex workforce.

“About 42% of our female leadership is at the VP level, and 85% of our workforce is considered to be minority.”

[11.02] How HR helps to facilitate hiring the right talent, that will keep Apex’s core values top of mind.

“We don’t just ask people ‘what have you done in your past?’ More so, we ask ‘what do you want to do in your future?’ ”

[14.00] The role of HR in supporting the wider company.

[17.27] A closer look at how Apex goes about finding the right staff.

[20.57] How Apex’s supportive and holistic culture helps them to retain talent, particularly in the face of fierce industry competition.

[22.38] Some of the practical ways Apex approach talent retention.

[25.19] Sangna’s advice for anyone interested in a career at Apex.

“If you have a passion for excellence, drop me a note!”



Head over to Apex Logistics’ website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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