182: Delivering APEX – Apex Cares

This is the first episode of our latest mini-series in partnership with Apex Logistics. Over the next four episodes, our “Delivering Apex” mini-series is going to take a closer look at Apex Logistics, their commitment to the community, to the environment, and all of the amazing people that are helping to make an impact across the globe.

Today in Episode 1, “Apex Cares,” I’m joined by Amy Froese, Corporate Growth Marketer, and Holly Qualman, Sales, Marketing, and Analytics Strategist, to talk all about quality service and giving back – why it’s so important and the different programs Apex are involved in to truly help make the world a better place.



[01.14] An introduction to Holly and Amy.

[03.59] A closer look at exactly who Apex is and what they do.

[06.30] The growing trend in consumers seeking out ethical and sustainable brands.

“There truly is a difference – and customers know this – between a company that actually lives, breathes and believes in sustainability, and companies that are doing it just to check a box.”

[08.18] Apex’s huge customer commitment, and the vast scale of PPE they transported, during the height of the COVID crisis.

“We pivoted with each of the different needs to be able to provide globally… so by Q3 and 4, we had delivered billions of pieces.”

[12.33] Apex’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

[19.01] The environmental impact of logistics, and the industry’s responsibility in driving innovation in sustainability.

“Our industry is really facilitating the movement of global commerce, and with that comes a significant amount of responsibility.”

[22.30] Practical ways to make positive sustainability changes, on a personal and a business level.

[26,27] Apex’s industry-leading partnership with BSR.

[29.00] How we can start to influence our peers and drive sustainability conversations.

“The first step is spreading awareness and sharing ideas.”

[32.14] From developing more key partnerships to a commitment to volunteering, Apex’s corporate social responsibility goals for 2021.



Head over to Apex Logistics’ website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

Find out more about BSR and Habitat for Humanity to explore whether they could also be the right fit for your corporate social responsibility goals.

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