180: Broaden Your Reach, With Lean Staffing

Today I’m talking to Lean Staffing Solutions, one of Inc. Magazines ‘Top 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies.’

Providing satellite offices in South America, Lean Staffing makes scaling easy, providing you with the best team to improve your processes and lower your operational costs. With the right combination of talent, culture and price, and with solutions across staffing, tech, marketing and sales, Lean Staffing are going from strength to strength in the market.

I’m joined by Trey Griggs, Vice President of Lean Sales, to talk about exactly what they do, how their model works and the benefits to be found in broadening your reach through nearshore staffing services.


[08.08] An introduction to Trey and his take on how the pandemic has altered the culture of sales.

[09.49] How Lean Staffing was founded, and its growth journey.

“Customers started asking for more and more services… specifically when it comes to tech and sales.”

[13.10] A closer look at exactly what Lean Staffing Solutions do.

“We help companies take care of entry level positions at a fraction of the cost – and with better quality.”

[16.27] Why Colombia is the perfect match for the US when you’re looking to expand.

“The three critical components are time zone, language and culture.”

[19.03] Exactly what businesses, like freight forwarders and brokers, need from Lean Staffing Solutions.

“Companies need quality workers with great attitude and work ethics, who don’t kill the bottom line.”

[20.21] How Lean Staffing Solutions facilitate hiring and training workforces for their customers.

[24.21] Why Lean Tech was recently listed by Analytics Insight Magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative RPA Companies – and exactly why logistics companies need them.

“For the majority of customers in transportation, their technology is fragmented and they’re not talking to each other.”

[28.28] Trey’s reflections on the post-pandemic workforce.

[33.17] A real life case study of how Lean Solutions helped a customer to save time and ultimately secure new contracts and increase revenue.

[36.21] From continuing to build on customer relationships to developing new technology, the future for Lean Staffing Solutions.



Head over to Lean Staffing Solutions website to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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