178: Creating a Sustainable Future

Today I’m joined by one of Canada’s top sustainability professionals. In her role as Head of Sustainable Impact at HP Canada, Frances Edmonds is responsible for driving business from sustainability leadership and, focusing on Canada’s sustainable procurement practices, she’s working to change how Canada buys.

Frances has founded sustainability and environmental education programs, given TedX talks and sits on sustainability boards – this award-winning woman is truly using her platform to change the world.

Today we’ll be talking about her long-standing career, her passion for sustainability, why it’s so important – and the changes we can all start making in our businesses right now.


[08.11] Frances’s background, and her journey to sustainability.

[09.42] Frances’s role at HP, and her responsibilities both internally and externally.

“We realised that not many businesses are going to try and become a leader in sustainability because there’s no recognition for that in the marketplace – we’re in a capitalist system.”

[12.21] From external recognition to thinking big, the key sustainability strategies and goals at HP.

“In Canada, we have less than 20 companies who have set a science based target for carbon reduction, in the decade of climate action.”

[14.06] Practical ways businesses can begin their own sustainability journeys.

“The fastest way to green your business is to buy from one that’s already green.”

[16.27] HP’s commitment to a circular economy and a services vs goods approach; how these strategies help extend the shelf life of technology; and how consumers are responding.

[24.00] The environmental impact of supply chain, and the importance of carbon literacy.

“Sustainability is the golden thread that ties all of the pieces together.”

[29.07] Frances’s WWF programs and the positive impact of volunteering and setting personal sustainability goals.

[36.48] How Frances has seen the industry’s approach to sustainability change.

[39.14] Some key tools and resources.

[40.23] Future sustainability trends to watch out for.

“Transparency is a key component of sustainability leadership.”


Explore HP’s sustainable impact on their website or head over to LinkedIn to connect with Frances and find out more.

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