176: Women In Supply Chain™, Isabel Tapia

For today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain™, I’m joined by Isabel Tapia. From Mexico, she’s currently the Head of Ford of Mexico’s Indirect Purchasing department, leading a team with an annual spend of just shy of 2 billion USD.

An experienced procurement executive with a long history in the automotive industry, she’s an expert in Supply Chain Management, sourcing and team growth and development.

Today Isabel will be talking to us about her roots in engineering, her passion for procurement and her words of wisdom as a successful woman in a male-dominated industry.


[07.38] Isabel’s background and her long-standing interest in engineering.

[10.17] Isabel’s current role at Ford.

[11.33] Her 16 year career with Ford and what makes them such a good company to work for.

“Ford is a great company: I’ve always felt comfortable, supported and challenged.”

[13.19] A reflection on what’s changed over the course of Isabel’s career so far.

“The automotive industry is in constant evolution.”

[15.36] A closer look at the impact of the pandemic and the increasingly important role of technology.

[17.44] Isabel’s surprising experience of working in, what is assumed to be, the male-dominated automotive industry.

“I can say that amazing women in my industry have already carved that path. So I’m coming into a work environment that’s already open.”

[20.17] The importance of good female leaders and role models.

[23.01] The path ahead for women in typically male-centered environments.

“It will not happen by chance – you need to go and pursue the opportunities, and if you need help, you need to use your voice.”

[25.29] The story of how, and why, Isabel found her voice so early in life.

[27.59] What Isabel has learned about herself on her journey so far.

[29.11] Isabel’s words of wisdom for the next generation.


Head over to LinkedIn to connect with Isabel and find out more.

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