175: Managing Risk: The Ultimate Balancing Act

This is the fourth and final show in our “Give your business a fresh start” series, in partnership with BluJay Solutions.

Last week in Episode 3 “Your Global Impact,” we were joined by Patrick Maley, the Chief Marketing Officer at BluJay, to talk about the hugely important topic of sustainability. We discussed the impact of international shipping, how we can use technology to help us with our eco commitments and exactly how BluJay are helping us to facilitate them.

And today in Episode 4, “Managing Risk: The Ultimate Balancing Act,” we’re joined by Bill Madden, Group Vice President, Logistics as a Service at BluJay Solutions, to talk about risk. How we can better prepare ourselves for the unknown, how we can utilize technology in risk management and why having a partner there when you need them, can really help you share that burden of risk.



[01.24] Bill’s background, his career at BluJay and the one thing that might surprise people about the idea of risk.

[02.50] Quality, compliance and the right workforce, key focus areas for helping to manage risk.

“When we talk about compliance, conversations have been around repeatability, striving for standardization and having best practices in place around exception management.”

[06.56] Leveraging the power of technology in mitigating risk.

“To get predictability, you really have to get communication nailed.”

[14.25] Core BluJay solutions that can help businesses to prepare for disruption or deal with it quickly.

[21.41] The many and varied unexpected challenges thrown up by COVID, and their impact on supply chain in the long term.

“We built the transition with long hours and hard work, but that’s not sustainable for the long haul. To ensure sustainability, we had to get better – better than we were before COVID.”

[27.05] Why BluJay have been a trusted partner of many of the world’s top LSPs for decades.

“It’s all in our DNA – data, network, applications – and the BluJay way.”

[32.24] What the future holds for the industry and for BluJay.

“One thing we can all count on in the coming year, is that rapid change will be the only constant!”



Head over to BluJay’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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