173: Your Global Impact

This is the third show in our “Give your business a fresh start” series, in partnership with BluJay Solutions.

In Episode 2, “Simulation: The Future is Here” we talked to Pam Reeber, Director of Solution Consulting at BluJay Solutions, to talk all about simulation, and using AI to model scenarios within the supply chain so we can predict the future and stay ahead of the game.

Today in Episode 3 “Your Global Impact,” we’re joined by Patrick Maley, the Chief Marketing Officer at BluJay, to talk about the hugely important topic of sustainability. We’ll be discussing the impact of international shipping, how we can use technology to help us with our eco commitments and exactly how BluJay are helping us to facilitate them.



[01.04] Patrick’s background, his role at BluJay and one thing that would surprise people about sustainability.

“Businesses often think about sustainability as an added cost, but they’re not thinking about the true business benefits.”

[03.23] A global network – the benefits of international shipping.

[05.11] The environmental impact of worldwide shipping, and why the tide is starting to turn.

“Economies are growing, but we are becoming more efficient.”

[08.54] From optimization to synchronization, the ways in which we can leverage the power of technology to help create change.

[13.46] From conversation and connectivity to picking the low-hanging fruit, practical ways to start introducing change in your business.

“If you look at the silver lining, the pandemic has really exposed some long held business practices and thoughts that we haven’t been questioning. “

[19.01] How BluJay are helping their customers to improve their sustainability strategies.

“Our solutions are designed to reduce waste; they’re naturally built for sustainability. So companies who employ our solutions use fewer trucks and they drive less miles.”

[23.17] Tips on how to influence our peers and be proactive in championing sustainable solutions.

[25.07] The different levels of sustainability stakeholders within a business – and taking the lead from Heineken.

[27.16] The future for sustainability and logistics.

“It will definitely pick up momentum as the new generations move in.”


Head over to BluJay’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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