169: High-Performance Logistics Sales: The Key To Success

In today’s episode I’m excited to be joined by Dan Deigan, a man with nearly 25 years’ experience in the logistics industry under his belt. His passion, dedication and talent has led him to become the go-to for the transportation & logistics sectors’ coaching and sales training.

He began selling transportation & logistics services in 1994, quickly climbing the ranks, winning sales competitions and growing businesses, before the impact of the recession in 2008 led him to confront his mentality and approach to business. In 2012, he established High-Performance Logistics Sales and has become a sales and coaching guru, in demand across the logistics industry.

Today Dan will be talking to us about his business, his journey to success and why freight providers need to get on board with high level sales performance, fast!



[04.43] Dan’s background, how he fell into supply chain and discovered a love for sales.

[10.15] The highs and lows of the journey that led Dan to establish High-Performance Logistics Sales.

[17.30] The issues Dan identified within the industry that helped guide him to founding HPLS.

“I realized there was a major gap, in transportation and logistics, in training.”

[21.56] From online one-to-ones to group coaching, the many and varied ways Dan can help sales people to reach their goals.

“If you want to get into that top 2%, it’s a career, not a job.”

[27.22] Why, historically, sales performance training in logistics hasn’t been something that most freight providers have embraced.

“Businesses are worried that if they train people up, they’ll leave. And I say ‘well, what if you don’t train them, and they stay?!’”

[31.03] A real life case study of how Dan helped revolutionize one customers sales strategy.

“If we don’t have three key areas – clarity about what we want, an intention about getting it, and mastering the critical skills to get us there – we’re always going to be a generalist.”

[34.13] The ideal client profile for High-Performance Logistics Sales.

“If they’re dedicated and want this as a career – I can take care of everything else.”

[38.31] The future for Dan, and for High-Performance Logistics Sales



Head over to Dan’s website now to find out more and discover how he could help you too.

You can also connect with him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter; check out his YouTube channel; or even listen to his podcast on iTunes.

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