168: Visibility, Unchained

This is the first episode of our latest mini-series in partnership with BluJay Solutions. Over the next four episodes, our “Give your Business a Fresh Start” mini-series is going to take a closer look at BluJay, and how we can harness the power of new technology and machine learning to help us tackle key pain points within our businesses, from managing risk to improving our commitment to sustainability.

Today in Episode 1, “Visibility, Unchained,” Bryant Smith, Senior Global Product Manager at BluJay Solutions, joins me to talk all about data and visibility. Why it’s so important, the impact of last year and how BluJay are innovating in this area to create unparalleled levels of visibility for their customers.


[01.46] Bryant’s background and his role at BluJay.

[03.16] Who BluJay are and what they do.

“What sets us apart is the BluJay way – our unique blend of philosophy, culture and services.”

[05.38] Why data and visibility is so important, and why it’s been THE key talking point for 2020.

[08.47] The core BluJay tools that are helping customers to get the most out of data and visibility.

“Tools like BluIQ can help surface issues before they happen, so that the user can make more informed decisions on how to react.”

[10.57] The interactive and collaborative relationship between BluJay and its variety of stakeholders, both internal and external.

“We incorporate stakeholder feedback so that we can address today’s problems, and plan for tomorrow’s problems as well.”

[14.43] Supply Chain Monitor, and how BluJay tools help bring visibility and translate data into practical change.

[19.21] Back end data, evaluation and reporting through key BluJay tools.

[23.10] A case study of how BluJay’s solutions helped a customer.

[27.21] Data accuracy and access – BluJay’s focus for the coming year.



Head over to BluJay’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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