166 – Year in Review: We Look Back on the Challenges and Trends that Defined 2020

This is it – we’ve finally reached the end of 2020! I think it would be an understatement to say that it’s been a difficult year for many; but there have also been plenty of positives that we can take note of as well.

So in this very special episode, I’m joined by Graham Robins from Border Buddy, who is a great friend of the show, to reflect on some of the things we’ve seen and done, to round out the year on a high and approach 2021 with a really positive mindset.

We talk about COVID, collaboration, data, diversity and inclusion, and our plans for 2021. What a year!


[04.56] An introduction to Graham, his background and his role at Border Buddy.

[07.28] The impact of COVID and the valuable lessons we’ve learned this year, from the effect on mental health to the importance of the workers on the front line of supply chain.

“Its been a transformative year for us. But we’ve learned that remote work is well suited for logistics!”

[17.46] What we can practically take from these lessons and integrate into our strategies for 2021.

“A lot of this isn’t new – it’s just making it better! Let’s look at anything that takes extra, unnecessary time, and let’s squeeze that out.”

[19.55] The importance of collaboration, the value to be found in improving communication and how we can continue to drive the momentum of collaborative spirit forward into 2021.

[29.41] Data: how 2020 has shone a light on its benefits and encouraged a more open-minded approach.

“Once you have the data, you can never go back to guesswork.”

[36.36] The importance of diversity and inclusion, and how we can continue to open up much-needed conversations in 2021.

“Everyone’s experience is different – we can’t broad brush everything. Everyone has their own lens.”

[48.53] “Nothing new – everything better!” Border Buddy’s plans for 2021.

[50.16] From the launch of Shipz and Blended, to laying big plans for the future, a snapshot of my year.



Head over to Border Buddy’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help your business.

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