Episode 139 – Getting Back to Basics; Change, Grow and Share

After spending 16 years in management at Bimbo, part of the Sara Lee Bakery group, focusing on supply chain and purchasing, as well as sales and operations planning, Miquel combined his knowledge, experience and passion to found Solutions & Decisions in 2009.

Their mission is to make operations more efficient, reducing costs and creating a clear global company vision. Through his three pillars of ‘Change’, ‘Grow’ and ‘Share,’ Miquel aims to simplify the complexity of supply chain, so that clients can see real operational and economic results.

Today, we’re talking about what led Miquel to found Solutions and Decisions, his wealth of experience, how he applies what he’s learned to companies both big and small, and why he’s championing people and talent as the future of supply chain.


[08.22] Miquel’s career history, how he came to found Solutions and Decisions and the amazing story behind the name.

[12.01] Exactly what Solutions and Decisions do for their customers.

“We’re like supply chain doctors!”

[14.30] Miquel explains his three pillars: change, grow and share.

“Supply chain is about the capacity and flexibility to adapt to what’s going on, on the outside.”

[20.20] How Solutions and Decisions approach supply chain, breaking down its complexity to deliver results.

[22.52] What Miquel has learned from working with both SME’s and large organizations, and why companies are more similar than they think.

[27.33] Why communication can be difficult in business, but why it’s critical to get it right.

[29.31] A real-life example of how Solutions and Decisions helped a key customer.

“There was not an alignment between the different departments, because they had conflicting goals – there were no common goals aligned to the business strategy.”

[34.52] An ideal customer’s approach: Solutions and Decisions can work with a business of any size, in any industry, as long as they’re committed to the ‘decisions’ piece, as well as the diagnostic ‘solutions’ one.

[36.53] Why Miquel became a coach.

[40.32] From constant learning to talent development, the future for Miquel and Solutions and Decisions.


Head over to Solutions and Decisions website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Miquel over on LinkedIn.

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