305: Driving Your Parcel Performance: Check Engine Light

It’s episode three of our Driving Your Parcel Performance mini-series, in collaboration with Sifted!

Last week, we put the spotlight on the complex area of contract performance. I was joined by Caleb Nelson, Chief Growth Officer and friend of the show, to dive deeper into Sifted’s carrier management suite – we talked all about some of the big challenges happening in the industry right now and where carrier relationships fit in; analyzing and scoring contract performance; and how you can tackle the complexities of your agreements, to drive performance-enhancing outcomes, with Sifted.

And today in episode three, I’m joined by Elle Brown, Senior Client Success Manager at Sifted, to chat all about measuring your contract health; contract compliance; strengthening carrier relationships; and the growing trend in ensuring customer success.




[01.45] The different ‘check engine’ lights within Sifted’s carrier management suite, and how they help clients to understand when they have a problem.

“The great thing about the suite is that there are different kinds of check engine lights – we have different tools to determine all the different types of problems a shipper may, or may not, have.”

[04.37] How Sifted works with their customers to look under the hood and determine what’s gone wrong, once a problem is identified.

“The problems that we’re helping shippers solve – they may be similar to other shippers, they may be similar to the market, but each shipper is unique.”

[07.26] Contract health: what it means, and a closer look at what a healthy contract is vs an unhealthy one.

“When a contract isn’t in optimal health, it’s one that isn’t optimized with rates, discounts, minimums, terms, in a way that we know is possible for the types of clients we’re working with. Or, it doesn’t take into account the specs of that unique shipper in a way that benefits the shipper – and their relationship with the carrier.”

[10.36] What it means to make your contract health measurable and scalable, and why it’s so important.

“Measurable contract health allows you to have constant conversations, internally and with your carriers.”

[15.10] How compliance works within Sifted’s carrier management suite, and exactly why compliance is so important.

“It allows you to evaluate whether perceived situations are true or not… I’ve had clients feel some distrust with their rep or carrier…we’ve been able to audit agreements and see that ‘yes the carrier is in compliance’ and that this perceived issue is from an unintended situation… so they have that peace of mind.”

[18.35] From cost savings to improved relationships, the positive impacts of ensuring, and understanding, compliance and achieving optimal contract health.

“Having the data you need really does help to strengthen those relationships with your carrier… so that, through collaboration, all parties are benefiting.”

[22.31] The rise of client success, and the shift in focus towards a ‘my customer’s success is my success’ mindset.

[25.31] Why the growing trend in client success is going to continue to grow, and the wider implications for the industry when we start to think more collaboratively about creating environments that breed success for everyone.

” ‘Let’s really make sure we understand your organization, let’s understand what success looks like to you, and let’s do everything we can to create success for you.’ If you’re collaborating with someone like that, it’s hard to want to stop!”

[27.56] Examples around how utilizing the tools within Sifted’s carrier management suite has helped customers make data-powered decisions, form better strategies and optimize their operations.




Head over to Sifted’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Sifted and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, or you can connect with Elle on LinkedIn.

If you enjoyed the show, why not catch up with episodes one and two in our Driving Your Parcel Performance series, episode 301, Contract Monitoring and episode 303, Better Performance [LINK WHEN LIVE].

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