303: Driving Your Parcel Performance: Better Performance

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could predict the future? Well, with Sifted, you kinda can…

We wrapped up our first mini-series with Sifted a few months ago, released the first episode of our second mini-series last week and you all still want more–so of course, we delivered.

So, over the course of our new “Driving Your Parcel Performance” series, we’re going to dive even deeper. This time, we’ll be putting the spotlight on their Carrier Management Suite and taking a closer look at how it can help you to take a proactive approach to contract management, from ensuring compliance and negotiating rates, to controlling spend and improving relationships.

Today in Episode 2, Better Performance, I’m joined by Caleb Nelson, Chief Growth Officer at Sifted, to talk all about some of the big challenges happening in the industry right now and where carrier relationships fit in; analyzing and scoring contract performance; and how you can tackle the complexities of your agreements, to drive performance-enhancing outcomes




[01.15] An introduction to Caleb Nelson and Sifted’s brand new product, their carrier management suite.

“It’s not just a brand new product for us, but it’s brand new for the industry – it’s really never been done before!”

[01.53] A discussion about what contract performance means

  • Changes to discounts
  • Rate increases
  • Impact on contracts

[05.48] A conversation about renegotiating contracts, when you should review, what you should be paying attention to, and what the rate increases mean.

“If you do implement the Sifted technology to be able to take a look at everything, you might actually be winner after doing that, regardless of the general rate increase” -Sarah

[10.14]  Challenges in the industry right now.

  • GRI’s
  • Importance of having technology in place

[14.43] Sarah and Caleb discuss carrier performance within the Sifted Carrier Management Suite.

  • Discount tiers
  • Service levels
  • Negotiating from data and logic

“Clean, simple. easy conversations for you to be able to take a data-driven approach to make a good impact on your business.” -Caleb

[18.55] A deeper dive into the process of obtaining the data needed for conversations with the carrier rep, the ease of getting the data, the meaning of “30 Seconds Easy” and the use of dashboards within the platform, as well as scoring and transparency.

“I think it is really important to make data consumable and make it so that it’s very easy to understand.” -Caleb

[25.00] Who will benefit from using the contract management suite

[26.14] Examples of helping someone with Sifted’s technology.

[29.28] Predictions for 2023.

[31.50] Caleb’s final words.




Head over to Sifted’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Sifted and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, or you can connect with Caleb on LinkedIn.

If you enjoyed the show, why not check out our first mini-series in collaboration with Sifted where we really predicted the future.

It was called “Tomorrow’s Insights Delivered Today“. In episode 286, Ami Bensman took a closer look at the Sifted Score; in episode 288, Kevin Miller talked all about simulation and modeling; in episode 290, Caleb Nelson took us on a deep dive into Sifted’s Parcel Audit solution for shippers; and in episode 293, Adam Moulding introduced us to Sifted’s Contract Management Suite.

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