215: Blended – Shining a light on social inequality

Blended is back with yet another open and authentic dive into diversity, inclusion, equality and all of the issues around it. You’ve been giving my co-host Madison and I some amazing feedback, and we are truly honored to facilitate these conversations for you, month after month.

Today in episode 11, ‘Shining a light on social inequality,’ I’m joined by an amazing new group of supply chain and DEI professionals, who are really committed to opening up conversations around diversity, inclusion, community – and they’re brimming with excitement and ideas for how we can bring positivity and drive change. And today, we’re going to be taking on social inequality. It’s another massive topic, but you should know by now that we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge, so we’re going to do our best to shine a light on it, and give you an entry point to take the conversation further.



[02.48] Introductions to our Blended panellists.

  • Shemika – Co-Founder & Executive Director at Zora’s Cradle
  • Hilary – Founder/President at ManPower Trucking Inc.
  • Caitlin – Founder and CEO at Global Gateway Logistics
  • Donna – Supply Chain Professional

[06.36] The group discuss social inequality, and what it means to them.

“I looked at why there was no entry level for women in trucking… and I found that money was in the way.” Hilary.

  • Barriers to opportunity
  • Educational background
  • Socio economic limitations
  • Fear and active prevention of certain groups thriving

[19.06] The panel reflect on the different societies and systems within social inequality, and how we can increase awareness to help us make progress.

  • Increased education at school, and within the home
  • Acceptance, accountability and truth-telling
  • Trauma
  • The power of the media
  • Embracing love and kindness

[37.13] The group share their personal stories of social inequality, and think about what we can all learn from them.

“I’ve worked for men my entire career… the men are being paid more, being offered direct access to promotion – and we fight 10 times harder to prove our effort as females.” Caitlin

  • Disconnect between what companies are saying and what they’re doing
  • Talking vs action
  • Societal shame
  • Creating opportunity for others

[57.14] The panel discuss social inequality on a global scale, and whether globalization is a help or a hindrance.

[1.08.50] The group reflect on what we, as employers, entrepreneurs and community members, can do to help create change; and Shemika shares the personal experience that led her to action and the creation of Zora’s Cradle.

“We need to work on diversity – we need to get to know others and understand what they can bring to the table.” Donna.

[1.22.04] The panellists each give their sum-up from today’s discussion.

  • Never underestimate the power of education – Caitlin
  • Learn to love others unconditionally – Donna
  • We can achieve equity if we all work together – Shemika
  • When it comes to diversity and inclusion, just ask. You can’t advocate for others when you don’t understand them – Hilary

“Equity is possible if we all do the work. We have the manpower – let’s start the conversation.” Shemika



You can connect with Shemika, Hilary, Caitlin, and Donna over on LinkedIn.

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