214: Bring Ultimate Efficiency to Your Port Logistics with 1-Stop

Today I’m excited to be joined by 1-Stop: a trailblazer in port logistics solutions, that is working with communities across the world to lead the way in supply chain innovation, building products that continue to enhance productivity and make life easier.

Established in Sydney in 2002, 1-Stop is a world leader in developing innovative solutions for the global port community. Working closely with industry operators, its suite of tailored and integrated products has been developed to help streamline operations, enhance efficiency and optimize productivity throughout the supply chain. With the aim to deliver efficiency gains for all, 1-Stops’s customers include shipping lines, port and terminal operators, freight forwarders, customs brokers, 3PLs, trucking companies, rail operators, importers and exporters.

Today Michael Bouari, CEO at 1-Stop, joins me to chat all about the company; what they do; some of the biggest challenges facing the global port community right now; and the innovations we should expect in the coming years.



[06.08] How and why 1-Stop was founded, and an overview of what it does.

“The key word that best describes port environments is chaos!”

[09.08] A deeper dive into the sectors and products that the 1-Stop suite of solutions encompasses.

“We don’t see ourselves as a system for one operator – we’re the glue connecting the operators, so information flows from business to business ”

[12.05] Exactly how 1-Stop tools integrate with customer systems, and the benefits of increased connectivity.

“In Australia alone, we’ve been able to save the community in excess of 10 billion dollars in productivity savings… just by allowing data to be exchanged more efficiently.”

[16.08] Why 1-Stop’s key pillars of efficiency, collaboration, integration and innovation are so important.

“The only way you can connect person A and person B is by understanding what they need – and that’s where the collaboration takes place.”

[19.09] Michael’s reflections on the global port congestion crisis, and how 1-Stop can help.

[23.18] The environmental impact of global shipping, and why collaboration and shared responsibility will be key to making positive change.

“Everyone wants to achieve efficiency, but they struggle to do that because of coordination.”

[27.28] A closer look at 1-Stop’s ideal customer.

[29.30] A case study illustrating the impressive social and economic impact of 1-Stop’s solution roll-out in the city of Manila, Philippines.

[33.32] Michael’s thoughts on the future of the industry, and the kinds of developments and technologies we might expect to see in the next few years.

“I can see drone delivery, just in time delivery and artificial intelligence all being technologies that can solve challenges within our supply chain.”

[35.21] The future for 1-Stop.



Head over to 1-Stop’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with 1-Stop and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, or you can connect with Michael on LinkedIn.

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