210: Blended – Don’t forget the ‘T’: Talking Trans

We’re into double digits now: it’s episode 10 of Blended and we’re flying! I’m so proud of the panelists we’ve featured so far, the topics we’ve covered, and the sometimes tough conversations we’ve had, and I just cannot wait to bring you more.

Today in Episode 10, ‘Don’t forget the ‘T’: Talking Trans,’ my co-host Madison and I are joined by a fabulous new group of supply chain and DEI professionals, who are overflowing with passion, insight and experience when it comes to all of the issues around diversity, inclusion, equity and community. And today, we’re going to be diving specifically into the transgender and non-binary community, so that can we learn, educate and celebrate with our, often marginalized, friends.



[00.39] Introductions to our Blended panelists.

  • Lori – Environmental Social Governance Services Canadian Lead at EY
  • Kai – President at TransFocus Consulting, Inc.
  • Brian – Founder and CEO at Chain.io
  • Gabriel·le – Translator

[04.25] The group dive into the importance of words, looking at definitions, and what they represent to the communities involved.

“Understanding and appreciating the language is complex – we might have simple definitions, but they might not always fit for everyone.” Kai.

  • Umbrella terms
  • The difficulty in finding words to suit such a broad spectrum of people
  • Asking people personal questions vs creating safe spaces for people to share naturally
  • Making mistakes
  • The constant evolution of language

“It’s more about respect than being an expert on definitions.” Brian

[31.06] The panel discuss pronouns – why they’re important, how to use them and why everyone should embrace them.

  • Mis-gendering
  • The importance of holding back on assumptions
  • The effect of cumulative impact on trans people over time
  • Give and take and shared responsibility between trans cis people
  • The use of pronouns on social media
  • Structural and cultural considerations within business
  • Gendered structures within other languages, like French

“It’s not a political statement to put your pronouns out there – it’s just a way to make communication more effective.” Brian

[56.52] The group takes a closer look at bringing trans, and supporting the trans community, in the workplace.

  • Why trans rights are lagging behind
  • Stigma and resistance to change
  • Intersecting ‘categories’ of people – people aren’t just one thing
  • Expanding policy and being a conscious employer
  • Internal education and communication

“Language is the main way we communicate and connect with each other… and people refusing to use the right pronouns is people refusing to speak the same language.” Gabriel·le

[1.13.23] The panelists share their personal stories, and discuss allyship.

  • Why it’s not the responsibility of trans people to educate cis people
  • Can you Google that?!
  • Finding the balance, of silent support and speaking up, as an ally

“The role of an ally is important… not just during the rainbow month, it’s 24 hours.” Lori

[1.26.31] The panelists each give their sum-up from today’s discussion.

  • Identity is fluid, embrace it and commit to it – Madison
  • Learn to make space for the messiness of being human; being curious, respectful and humble will get you far – Gabriel·le
  • Be mindful – Lori
  • Approach the issue from a place of compassion – Brian
  • Re-frame trans people as a gift, who can bring so much through being allowed to be their authentic selves – Kai

“There are going to be terms that are accepted by some and rejected by others – you have to treat people as individuals.” Madison


You can connect with Madison, Lori, Kai, Brian and Gabriel·le over on LinkedIn.

Check out our other podcasts HERE.



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