Episode 142 – Lessons Learned From Crisis: Collaborate To Success

We’re back with Episode 4, which I’m sad to say is the final episode, of our “Lessons Learned from Crisis” mini-series, in partnership with Tealbook. Over the course of these four episodes I’ve really enjoyed talking to some of the leaders from Tealbook; getting to understand their platform, how they work and their amazing ethos. And, of course, I’ve loved being able to dive into some important discussions around the challenges in our industry right now and the lessons we can take from them, to help us to create robust strategies for the future. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series just as much as I have and don’t forget, you can still catch up on any episodes you might’ve missed HERE.

In last week’s episode ‘Diversity Matters,’ we were joined by Tealbook’s COO Ian Woodbury to talk about the importance of diversity, what the COVID crisis has taught Tealbook about resilience and innovation and how, as a company, they continue to evolve to support a rapidly changing industry.

Today in Episode 4, Collaborate To Success, I‘m joined by Tealbook’s VP of Customer Success Kate Hands to talk about the importance of easy communication and collaboration to the future of supply chain, Tealbook’s many and varied benefits and their top 3 tips for surviving a crisis.


[01.07] Kate’s background, why she was drawn to Tealbook and her role within the company.

“After hearing more about the Tealbook offering, it was too compelling not to be able to help other clients with their procurement and supply chain transformation journeys.” 

[02.58] Why empathy is key to surviving a crisis.

“The very nature of a crisis is that it’s unexpected, so it’s so important for companies to be agile and be able to adapt quickly.”

[04.18] How the Tealbook platform has helped its customers pro-actively engage with suppliers, from giving loan relief to small businesses to supporting minority business in light of Black Lives Matter.

[05.37] A typical relationship between Tealbook and their customers.

[08.18] How Tealbook encourages collaboration, from innovating with clients to sharing the creative ways different companies have used their platform.

[09.37] A closer look at Tealbook functionality and client-supplier collaboration.

“Having this data, immediately, at your fingertips: you just can’t put a price on that.”  

[12.28] Why communication and collaboration are so vital in the current climate.

[14.43] Kate’s role in customer success, what that means, and the benefits that come from a customer-centric approach.

[17.09] From cost savings and operational streamlining to supply chain continuity, the many benefits of the Tealbook platform.

[23.30] How data has been neglected and how the COVID crisis has helped to shine a light on just how important good data is.

“The pandemic has kick-started a lot of data-review initiatives, but data has been neglected for far too long.”

[24.03] Tealbook’s top 3 tips for helping clients in crisis.


Head over to Tealbook’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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