Episode 141: Breaking Glass Ceilings in Supply Chain

Hope White is the Founder and CEO of HD White Logistics, Founder of Hope White Consulting and of Logistically Speaking Online. Having previously worked for The Home Depot in various capacities, including inbound/outbound operations, EDI and vendor compliance, inventory control, and transportation, Hope had gained all of the knowledge and experience she needed to build a successful business of her own.

Now, in her various roles as CEO, logistics consultant and trainer, Hope helps companies to improve operations, develop their skill-sets and strategize, and deliver, cost-effective solutions for their supply chains.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at Hope’s businesses – how they came about and what problems they’re solving for their respective clients – her strategy for spinning so many plates at once, and why women are the future of the trucking industry.



[09.00] How Hope’s experiences working for The Home Depot, and assisting her husband with his own business, helped her to identify a niche and go on to found HD White Logistics.

[11.20] Exactly what HD White Logistics do – and an exciting announcement!

[12.48] Hope’s second business, Hope White Consulting, which specializes in training for start-ups; and her ‘baby,’ Logistically Speaking Online – a comprehensive e-learning course.

“We give our students an opportunity to learn, from A-Z, everything there is to know about how to establish your company the right way.”

[14.33] UPS, one of HD White Logistics key clients; from the challenges of working with a big-name client, to the advantage of being a small company with the ability to pivot quickly and collaborate.

[18.04] How Hope came to realise the importance of diversity certification and why business now comes to her, as one of the first certified minority woman-owned cross docking facilities in the Georgia Port Authority area.

[22.16] Hope’s industry advocates, including sponsorship from Coca Cola.

[24.32] How Hope’s roles and responsibilities vary across HD White Logistics and Hope White Consulting, and how that consulting itself varies, from established businesses to start-ups.

[26.53] Hope’s ideal customers for HD White Logistics, including coming full circle and partnering with The Home Depot, several years after she left her role with them.

“I have an affinity for retail, and groceries.”

[29.20] How Hope balances her extremely busy life, schedules and sets goals for the future, both on a professional and personal level.

“I balance with the Law of Attraction.”

[32.38] Why women are the answer to trucking’s problems.

“A woman coming in can provide the trucking industry a refreshed view of the future.”

[35.02] Hope’s mentor, a true female success story.

[36.12] The future for HD White Logistics, Hope White Consulting and Logistically Speaking Online.



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