Episode 137: Women In Supply Chain™, Jenti Vandertuig

This week’s episode of our Women In Supply Chain™ series features Jenti Vandertuig.

Born in India, Jenti got her degree at Madras University in Chennai, one of the oldest and most well-respected universities in India, before moving to the USA and pursuing a career in government. After more than 25 years spent transforming public sector procurement through designing and delivering pioneering new solutions, it was time for a change. Now she’s a trailblazer showing the sports and entertainment industry how important supply chain is to their organizations.

Today Jenti will be sharing her fascinating life story with us, from scared but ambitious girl growing up in India, to the woman who decided to take control of her own destiny. She’ll be talking about her successful career in government and what made her switch industries; overcoming challenges, and all about how she found her voice along the way.


[07.54] Jenti’s background growing up in India, and the early experiences that began to shape her as a woman.

“I sum up my life as a struggle for victory of owning my own life, even if it meant starting from nothing.”

[10.41] How an arranged marriage bought Jenti to California at the age of 21, the home of her ‘riches to rags’ story.

[12.57] How a volunteering opportunity, a lucky break and a good mentor launched Jenti’s career in the City of Sunnyvale.

[15.57] How a strong mentor gave Jenti the courage to learn, and to succeed.

“That encouragement truly gave me the passion to excel, to take some chances and go further than what I’d anticipated for myself.”

[19.13] After dipping her toes in the private sector, and the dot com bust, Jenti moved on to bigger and better opportunities as a contractor at the County of Santa Clara.

“When opportunities came my way, I ran with it!”

[21.15] Some of the challenges Jenti faced along the way, and the persistence she found to overcome them.

[26.19] How Jenti found her voice.

[30.28] The importance of communication, how Jenti found herself moving from government to the San Francisco 49ers and the new excitement and passion it has brought her.

“It’s like a brand-new life for me.”

[35.34] The lessons that Jenti has learned along the way.

[38.04] Jenti shares her advice for girls and women looking to follow in her footsteps.

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