Episode 135 – Global Tax Strategy Made Simple

Tax – for many of us, it can be a word that strikes fear into the heart of our businesses! Global tax is a complex area of expertise, that often isn’t linked as closely as it should be to operations and decision-making.

Enter Global Tax Focus. Their goal is to help you see the global landscape of an enterprise by focusing on the intersection of operations and tax. They partner with an international team of deep technical business and tax specialists, bringing the latest in global thought leadership, to help you to identify where business and tax efficiencies can be achieved, by focusing on cross-border transactions, business structure, and reducing both tax and operating costs.

Today I’m joined by Jim Dawson of Global Tax Focus to talk more about the implications of tax on many different areas of business, why being pro-active with tax is so beneficial, and why tax and supply chain professionals need to collaborate to ensure their voices are heard.


[9.22] Jim’s background in international tax, and the tax implications on supply chain.

[11.20] How Jim helps owner-managed or family-owned middle market companies to understand and manage their tax implications, now and in the future.

“If you start making decisions to move assets, people and risk around the world, those aren’t decisions to be entered into lightly.”

[16.02] How recent tax changes disrupted the market, and the impact of that on nearshore and offshore investment, income and processes.

[24.15] Jim’s top 5 pieces of advice for the supply chain community on exactly how taxes should feature within their strategies.

“For most companies, taxes represent 20% of the cost reported on an income statement – so it’s very important that, in order to reduce that amount, supply chain professionals work collaboratively with the accounting/tax department.”    

[29.18] The benefits of free trade zones.

[31.58] A real-life example of how Jim is helping a client navigate current challenges and market changes.

[35.55] Jim’s thoughts on the idea that tax advantage is a business solution rather than a supply chain solution.

“Tax should never way the dog’s tail – it should be what’s best for the company from an operation perspective, and then overlay tax on top of it.”

[38.17] An overview of transfer pricing.

[43.09] The future for Global Tax Focus

Head over to Global Tax Focus’ website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too, or connect with Jim Dawson on LinkedIn.

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