Episode 133: The Global Supply Web Optimized

Development of the Omnae Platform began fairly recently, in 2016, with a small team and a big vision. Harnessing over 30 years of deep industry experience, Omnae’s mission was to build a network and service that was bigger than just manufacturing; to create a technology that was both industry and country agnostic, with the goal of connecting every facet of global production.

Omnae’s founders saw the potential – and necessity – for a global supply web, and knew they had the know-how to build it. And it’s safe to say Omnae has gone from strength to strength, proving that their mission, and unique approach, is spot on.

Today I’m joined by CEO Dan Lionello to talk more about the global supply web, the need for improved transparency, resilience and communication in supply chain and how Omnae’s platform has the potential to transform supply chain for everyone.


[00.25] How and why Omnae was founded, and the variety of needs it meets.

[05.21] A closer look at what Omnae does.

“Our vision is very clear: to create trust and transparency in the global supply web.”

[08.26] How Omnae facilitates vital collaboration, as well as supplier analysis and relationship management.

[12.28] The supply web, and how Omnae’s system allows businesses to improve the resilience, efficiency and scale of their supply chains.

[15.08] An overview of supply chain resilience and how Omnae can help.

[19.34] Omnae’s unique approach to transparency in supply chain.

“We’ve created a dependency tree, a way of linking dependent orders as they go through the supply chain.”

[25.19] A recent case study of how Omnae revolutionized one company’s supply chain processes.

[28.35] Omnae’s ideal client.

“94% of global manufacturers are still using email and Excel spreadsheets as their two major technologies to run production…. I want that 94%!”

[30.47] Omnae’s typical on-boarding process.

[32.11] What the future holds for Omnae.


Head over to Omnae’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. Or, download their amazing free e-book ‘A Definitive Guide to Future Proof Supply Chains, Optimize Operations, Grow Relationships and Scale Businesses in the next normal.’

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