Episode 131: Forget Surprises! In Transit Visibility Is Here

Founder and CEO of Tive, Krenar Komoni, has what can only be described as an impressive career, with more than 10 years spent in the wireless industry gaining expertise in chip design and business development. He worked with BitWave Semiconductor, where he developed the world’s first 2G+3G+LTE radio in a single chip, Eta Devices – an MIT-based start-up developing the world’s most efficient cellular base stations – and consulted for Fortune 500 companies launching new wireless products.

But it was a simple conversation with his father in law, who was complaining of the challenges of supply chain, that sparked Krenar’s entrepreneurial spirit, helped him identify a vital niche, and go on to establish Tive. Designed to help companies take the surprises out of their supply chains through true end-to-end visibility, their innovative solutions are taking the market by storm.

Today, we’re talking about the importance of understanding how the modern supply chain works and providing rounded solutions, accuracy and data, sustainability and how Tive are changing the face of supply chain visibility.


[06.37] How Tive was founded, and the story behind the name.
[09.30] What Tive and its product trackers do for manufacturers and logistics suppliers.
[11.15] An overview of the Tive product offering, including multi-use and single-use trackers.

“We are the first in the industry to release the first single-use tracker that doesn’t contain lithium batteries.”

[12.53] The benefit of using trackers at pallet level.
[15.26] How Tive helps to bring visibility to supply chain.

“Visibility has become a must-have, and one way to achieve it is by getting data from the assets that are moving the goods.”

[19.38] The interplay between hardware, software and service in supporting visibility.
[22.11] Tive’s top 3 trackers, what they do and why they’re so special.
[26.25] The future of 5G.
[27.50] From security to perishable goods, some real-life examples of how Tive has supported customers and saved them time and money.

“They were able to use the data, reports and analytics that we provided to reduce the number of shipment rejections by 90%.”

[31.15] Tive’s ideal customer.
[32.27] Krenar’s best advice for other supply chain start-ups and entrepreneurs.

“Every start-up has ups and downs, but the key is to really believe in your goal.”

[35.08] What the future holds for Tive.

Head over to Tive’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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