EP 97 – WISC, Holly is All In

Holly got into logistics like many of us: by accident. After the 2008 financial crash she moved to Texas and was offered a chance to work in supply chain. Although she’d always worked in media and had a marketing degree, once she “drank the juice” she got hooked on the logistics industry, and has been working in supply chain sales ever since.

As a woman in supply chain she’s grateful to society for enabling a social environment that boosted her career. She’s learnt how to earn respect, push her own limits and combine her passions (branding and marketing) into her career. Most of all, she’s worked on combining the right and left side of her brain, to foster more creativity when working on solutions for a changing demand.

On top of dealing with a fast paced and demanding job, Holly is a single Mom and works remotely. But she’s managed to keep a balance and enjoys a successful personal life. How? She says by remembering her priorities, having a strong support network and doing some serious planning. She makes the time she has with her son extra special and makes sure to have a dedicated office for work to keep disciplined with her time. She is living proof that you can have a successful career and home life – just take it easy on yourself too!

In this episode we discuss:

  • [0.31] Hooked on Supply Chain
  • [5.03] Women in Sales
  • [14.00] Why changing demand requires more creativity
  • [17.26] Working as a single parent in supply chain
  • [26.20] How she manages working remotely

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