EP 125 – Supply Chain “Unchained”

Ram is the founder of SKUteam, a company that provides globalized supply chain with localized supervision. They help companies working in the apparel, furnishing and fashion accessories industries take control of their supply chain and cut out unnecessary middlemen.

Ram explains that when it comes to production, 70% of processes happen in a factory. But brands have no idea what happens in the factories: they can’t tell if workers are paid fair wages, if working conditions are at the right standard or whether the product is manufactured according to the specific requirements. SKUteam help brands track every section of the supply chain works by offering a whole range of services including accounting and finance, inspections, audits and inventory planning.

With trends such as globalization and events such as Covid-19, brands want to move away from China and manufacture products elsewhere – but they aren’t sure where to go next. SKUteam helps brands find the appropriate factories and sample inventory. They then manage the audits, inspections and factory management. As Ram says, the future of supply chain is about removing human involvement. With SKUteam’s product, brands can be at the forefront of their industry simply by reducing costs and sourcing effectively.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [6.48] What influenced Ram to create SKUteam
  • [11.51] What SKUteam does
  • [17.48] How SKUteam helps customers throughout Covid
  • [31.29] What their ideal client looks like
  • [37.57] The future for SKUteam

Resources and links mentioned:

  • SKUteam
  • Promo: refer Lets talk supply chain when you reach out to SKUTEAM!! First two Purchase orders, free!

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