EP 123 – Women In Supply Chain™, Melody Dickinson

Melody is a supply chain professional who works for Alloy, a platform that offers in-depth data analytics for consumer good companies. For our Women In Supply Chain™ spotlight for July, sponsored by Alloy,  Melody tells us what her journey in supply chain has been like, what keeps her motivated and her plans for the future.

Supply chain is constantly changing and advancing – yet many companies are sticking to manual processes. Although they recognise and understand the need for analytics, companies still use spreadsheets and adopting technology at a very slow pace. As Melody says, it’s almost like companies don’t believe the right tools are out there and that manual is more efficient. As someone who works in commercial software, Melody knows there is still a lot of work to do.

What does success mean to Melody? To her, it means being in control of her destiny and being in a position to help others. She is driven by being surrounded by intellectuals who are eager to solve problems by tinkering and continuously testing. To others who are looking to get into a career in supply chain, Melody says: figure out what gets you motivated in the long haul and make sure to try as many different parts of supply chain as possible: after all, you won’t know what you like unless you try it!

In this episode we discuss:

  • [8.14] How Melody fell into supply chain
  • [14.48] What success means to her
  • [15.43] The conversations she’s having in supply chain tech
  • [25.20] Advice to people looking at supply chain as a career
  • [34.04] A moment when Melody had to take a leap of faith

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