EP 120- Eliminating risk across your supply chain

Jason is the CEO of MacGregor Partners, a supply chain solutions provider that uses IT and software to help companies work faster, smarter and more efficiently. What does their process look like? They ask a lot of questions, build a bespoke solution and then train every stakeholder that’s part of the operation. They live and breathe digital and are revolutionizing the relationship between drivers, paper and staff.

According to Jason, the top three challenges in supply chain are data, systems and analytics. As a supply chain solutions company, MacGregor Partners knows how hard it actually is to implement data correctly, and how to build systems that don’t end up siloed. For this reason, they focus on Warehouse Management System (WMS) combined with analytics and visibility. MacGregor Partners’ typical clients are companies that are interested in technology and are looking for ways to implement software to optimize their distribution center.

At MacGregor Partners, Jason and his team are “dethinkers”: they don’t overthink data and focus on the journey. Their design process is very hands-on, with the team only moving onto the next functional area once the previous one has been completed and confirmed by the customer – this allows them to be much more agile and adaptable to unexpected shocks, such as Covid-19. In the future, MacGregor Partners will be focused on delivering better products, more experiments and an even more cost-efficient methodology.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [0.35] MacGregor Partners, where it all began
  • [12.15] The nitty-gritty of what they do
  • [17.55] Top 3 challenges in supply chain
  • [23.15] How does the customer benefit?
  • [33.25] The future of the company

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