EP 116 – 150 Million Pieces of PPE and Counting

Mike works for Apex, the third largest freight forwarder in the world and number one forwarder transporting products from China. In 2019 they flew 500 charter flights, and have grown by $1 billion in 10 years!

Apex transports all types of products, from high tech, to retail, to ecommerce. They have charters that transport over 100,000 kilos and their planes can reach every corner of the planet. How have they adapted to the current crisis? Apex has been instrumental during the pandemic: they’ve offered space on aircrafts to government response teams, have transported PPE products to many countries and played a big role in protecting front line workers.

Do they have a secret to success? Mike says that Apex focuses on growth by adding talent that shares the same vision as them. From the words of their customers, this is what makes them a company that “always finds a way to get things done” and are able to find unique solutions to problems. Having invested in tech early on, Apex has been able to pivot more easily than other forwarders, giving them an even bigger competitive advantage. Although the future is unclear on how Covid will impact supply chain, Apex’s ambition is still to become the major freight forwarder across the globe.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [0.42] Who is Apex?
  • [10.40] 150 Million pieces of PPE and Counting!
  • [15.00] Their secret to success
  • [24.05] How Apex will be helping customers post-Covid
  • [29.39] What’s next for Apex

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