EP 110 – Women In Supply Chain™, Angie Reno

Angie has worked in supply chain all her life, with her earliest career memories involving a master thesis and meeting Ted Ruhly, the CEO of Maersk. Since then, Angie has continuously sought career growth and built extensive experience within the industry. Featuring Angie in our “Women In Supply Chain™” series has a personal significance to Sarah and is a career highlight for Angie with all her hard work in helping to close the gender gap. In this episode, Angie talks about the guidance she received from her father, why she is passionate about this industry and how the people make all the difference.

Angie’s main challenge in supply chain was the pushback she got from colleagues and coworkers when she advocated for change and innovation. Angie knows that disruption is what encourages progress, but it can be difficult to implement when leaders are being pulled in so many different directions. As a woman in supply chain she has worked hard to challenge the status quo at all times in her career in order to encourage more diversity amongst male and female leaders.

What’s her advice for the younger generation? She explains that it’s worth exploring the different partnerships your universities may offer. Be willing to go to conferences and reach out to leaders, look for ways to optimize the supply chain ecosystem and consider getting into cyber security. As she says, there is a shortage of talent and therefore many opportunities for students looking to get into the industry. For Angie herself, the future is focused on finding a healthy work balance and driving innovation forward.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [2.41] Sweats and the CEO of Maersk
  • [7.53] Taking some major risks
  • [11.30] Overcoming challenges thats career throws at you
  • [16.24] Diversity in the industry
  • [25.18] Next Gen of Supply Chain, what you need to know

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