EP 108 – Digital Fit for the Future

What does your digital future look like? That is the question on everybody’s mind as tech changes on a daily basis, In Sweetbridge’s episode in 2019 Scott said the knowledge base is changing every 1.5 years.

Diane is the Vice President of Omnichain, a company that offers end to end supply chain solutions to companies looking to optimize workflow, manage different channels and orchestrate correct supply strategies. They are the partner for the future.

Currently, many team members of companies need to manually add data into systems, losing information, accuracy and time.  This is because the supply chain industry is still very fragmented, with organisations struggling to connect and collaborate. Omnichain’s platform describes itself as a digital supply chain fit for the future, thanks to its better forecasting, operations system and proactive push model. Omnichain’s solution is what distinguishes it from its competitors; no need to download or integrate anything, everything can be done directly within the platform!

Omnichain prides itself on using blockchain, a kind of distributed ledger and database that allows you to maintain and record all devices and transactions across a supply chain. Most people co-relate blockchain to crypto currency but that is not always the case. This technology allows you to hold information quickly and securely, which allows Omnichain to keep the entire supply chain management securely under a blockchain key. Omnichain’s ideal client is someone who faces the challenge of a fragmented operation and is looking for a better day to day workflow. Its solution encourages companies to go from a reactive management situation to proactive, allowing them to deliver real value from their data.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [0.30] A Different approach to blockchain
  • [9.39] What is a digital supply chain fit for the future
  • [15.17] No integration needed!
  • [19.40] blockchain is perfect for supply chain management
  • [25.05] The future is bright

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