EP 106 – Visibility is Here!

Akshay is the co-founder of Terminal 49, an online platform that helps importers, trucking companies and brokers track all their container movements. In the container world, things are still being done as they were 10 years ago. Terminal 49 aims to simplify global trade with much more efficient workflows.

Visibility is a big challenge in supply chain: truckers, shipping companies and freight forwarders don’t communicate effectively and lack collaboration. Everyone’s solving a different problem, there’s a lack of education and cooperation is non-existent. This disconnect is what Terminal 49 aims to resolve.

Akshay provides us with two excellent examples of a shipper and a broker. Before using Terminal 49’s dashboard, this shipper had several spreadsheets used for forecasting reports, ETAs and container management. When an incident happened, all information had to go through several different people in the chain. Now, with an all-in-one dashboard, the shipper can easily track every container and keep on top of demand. Oh, and all they need to do is import their spreadsheets onto the dashboard – no need to copy and paste thousands of numbers. Although the logistics world is a competitive space, Akshay says there’s a lot of room to innovate and create value, and that really, it’s still early days!

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1.00] Terminal 49’s story
  • [15.25] Why visibility is a challenge in supply chain
  • [20.10] Successful examples of using Terminal 49’s dashboard
  • [31.34] Advice for people who want to get into supply chain tech
  • [33.59] The future of Terminal 49

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