EP 105 – WISC, Pioneer of Supply Chain Media

Supply Chain can change the world

Elizabeth got into supply chain after discovering her love for writing so she fell in love with the supply chain industry. That makes Elizabeth perfect for our Women In Supply Chain™ feature on the podcast for the month of March because

Beth believes that this industry truly has the power to make the world a better place and that is why she has stayed working with ASCM for over 16 years.


What is the future for supply chain media? Rennie believes that there’s a trend for high quality content that’s not focused on day to day tasks, but instead on more important global issues.

She’s contributed herself by working with Mr Supply Chain (Daniel Stanton) and his book titled Supply Chain Management for Dummies. Elizabeth is also very proud to have contributed in-depth interviews with successful Women In Supply Chain™, and believes these are great opportunities for women to learn from each other.

No longer the only Woman in the room

In terms of diversity, Elizabeth is so excited to see that more and more women are joining the supply chain industry. Like at one point in her career she would look around the room at conferences and could maybe count the number of women in the room on one hand.

More organizations are working to increase diversity which in turn creates a healthy form of tension created by different points of view and more innovative conversations. So, Are you looking to get into supply chain? Her advice to the younger generation is to always be open to opportunities and taking risks, you never know where it can lead.

  • [1.16] Falling in love with Supply Chain
  • [4.30] Learning to become self aware
  • [12.31] The future of supply chain media
  • [18.02] The proudest moment in her career
  • [21.52] No longer the only woman in the room

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