EP 104 – Damages are costing Billions

The damage and loss of products in supply chain cost the industry billions of dollars every year. That’s a huge amount of money and waste in products that are being thrown out –  That’s the issue Spotsee is tackling with their product: indicators that track and record data such as temperature, tilt and impact throughout a shipment journey. There are a lot of challenges in this area that supply chain professionals are facing, Angela talks about the top realities companies are facing and how exactly Spotsee can help you save time, money and waste.

Spotsee allows companies to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to damaged products. Instead of receiving damaged products, blaming the shipment company and filing an insurance claim, companies can now collaborate with the freight forwarders to determine why and how the damage happened and work on fixing the problem together, all based on data. These monitoring programs reduce damage to 40%, which can translate into tens of thousands of dollars saved for certain companies.

Spotsee works with several market segments as well as SMEs that are looking to grow. By having real time data on product journeys, companies waste a lot less time, energy and money fixing these issues. In the long run, this is a much more sustainable business model which can give companies a huge competitive advantage. Spotsee are also big on company culture, find out more about how they are encouraging the next generation to come and work in supply chain. Their ambition? To aggregate all the data from every journey, product and company so their customers can take real actionable steps from large-scale data analysis.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [0.25] Who is Spotsee
  • [9.10] Damage is costing you Billions!
  • [14.30] data on your products journey
  • [18.36] Who can benefit?
  • [23.50] encouraging careers in supply chain

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