EP 102 – Behind the Seams

BEHIND THE SEAMS – Suuchi Ramesh is a software engineer with a background in supply chain, she is also the founder and CEO of a tech company that is bringing supply chain and fashion together called, Suuchi. Suuchi is the next generation technology platform for fashion, managing everything from design through distribution.

The main challenge the fashion industry faces is that the entire supply chain needs to be unbelievably fast, diversified and efficient. Suuchi helps companies get to the next level by taking care of the back end, and letting companies focus on what they do best: scaling the brand. Suuchi helps companies diversify the supply chain by digitizing the entire process, because all brands must start thinking of supply chain as a strategic competitive advantage

What sets them apart? Transparency. They’re able to track and trace every process in the supply chain, which allows them to provide their customers with truly data driven solutions. Suuchi has the flexibility to work with all size of companies and their customers use their software in a few different ways: some use their software just for supply chain, others use the software from the design of products all the way to the distribution of their products to their end consumer. Suuchi is also very passionate about helping their customers and brands become more sustainable and reduce overall waste in their businesses. When creating Suuchi, they were mindful to include in-depth data and analytics that helps to optimization sustainability and the reduction of waste strategies. Suuchi is now going into series B and expanding their reach in supply chain, all while providing smart, sustainable solutions.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [2.45] Fashion and Supply Chain
  • [6.32] Supply Chain is becoming the back bone of Fashion
  • [10.37] Scale Your Brand
  • [15.03] Transparency is key
  • [19.55] Reduce waste and become sustainable

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