EP 101 – Rodeo’s, Supply Chain & Google

Claudia is our Women In Supply Chain™ Feature for February and is someone who enjoys life to the fullest. Her attitude is: family first, career second and community third. She graduated in engineering, joined IBM, ran an entire supply chain, worked in GE Healthcare and is now working in supply chain for Google. Her career has been a huge adventure, and today she shares some of the nuggets of wisdom she’s learned over the years.

She’s had many challenges in her career as a female on a supply chain team, but it’s her positive attitude and openness to taking care of others that helped her get to where she is now. She’s really had to push for opportunities, and has seen the industry evolve over the 36 years that she’s been working in supply chain. Things are getting better, with now 25% of leadership positions held by women. Claudia works hard to educate leaders and encourage the right conversations about diversity and openness.

What about supply chain? Claudia explains that companies aren’t using data as they should be. She says that it’s important to get the basics first, make sure to have the right KPIs in place and then analyze the big picture. Her advice to fellow supply chain leaders is to meet with customers on a regular basis. Understand the voice of the customer and don’t always think of optimizing a function but instead, the end to end journey. Her plans for the future are to keep on learning and growing, never wasting a day and keep pushing for diversity.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [4.14] Claudia says, Live life to the fullest
  • [13.14] What is Supply chain at Google
  • [18.42] Claudia’s advice for younger self
  • [26.55] Supply chain leaders, meet with customers!
  • [30.34] Pushing for Diversity

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