EP 100 – Procurement, It’s a Group Thing

Anthony is the president and CEO of UNA, a dynamic group that works with procurement managers, business owners and executives to save money, time and effort. How? Through Collaboration, partnerships, software and strategy.

Una offers a consolidated approach to procurement with a mission is to support sourcing and procurement heros in the supply chain industry. They’re all about collaboration, a top down approach and an emphasis on culture. They believe in empowering and giving a voice to professionals by acting on accurate and well analyzed data. As an example, just one of the ways Una gets involved is by helping professionals negotiate solid contracts and develop key relationships with suppliers.

How are they so successful? They understand that their solution is not a fit for everybody. They position themselves more as a dietitian rather than a broker – meaning they assess the problem, procure the trust and work with their partners in a solution driven environment based strictly on what works best in their structure. What does it look like to work with Una? Tune into the episode to find out, as they share some amazing stories. Anthony believes that this industry is heavily untapped – Una’s future is focused on getting the word out and building more relationships with customers who share their core values

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1.50] Una unique perspective of Procurement
  • [7.13] Biggest challenges facing procurement professionals in 2020
  • [17.15] Why collaborate with Una?
  • [28.39] Working with Procurement and Sourcing Hero’s
  • [32.20] The Future is NOW

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