Broadening Your Company’s Reach with Staff Augmentation Experts

Broadening your company’s reach with staff augmentation experts

Hunter Bell, Lean Solutions Group’s Sales Team Leader, had an insightful conversation in the Let’s Talk Supply Chan Podcast during the Home Delivery World event and discussed Lean Solutions’ services offering and one of the hottest topics in logistics today: staff augmentation.

Breaking Through Business Borders: Broaden Your Reach, with Lean Solutions Group | LTSC 314

The Lean Solutions Services Offering

Before diving into the interview’s main topic, here’s some relevant information about Lean Solutions Group.

LSG background

Lean Solutions Group’s CEO Robert Cadena was born and raised in Colombia, South America. Robert moved to Miami and started his own LTL brokerage. As his company grew, he struggled to find talent and realized there were incredible professionals he could hire from Colombia. Opened his back office with Colombian talent. Robert ran a successful brokerage until he sold it to focus solely on providing staff augmentation to the transportation and brokerage industry.

The service offering

Lean Solutions Group now has 10 years of experience within the transportation and logistics industry, over 9,000 employees, and services over 500 U.S.-based companies. LSG helps companies set up satellite offices in Colombia, Guatemala, the Philippines, and Mexico through seamless recruitment, training, and onboarding processes.

How does Lean Solutions help clients grow?

Sourcing global talent Provides established processes for staff augmentation Visibility, KPIs, training, clear expectations

When do customers approach Lean Solutions Group?

The essential elements to consider are understanding the clients’ gaps, areas of improvement, and specific roles they struggle to fill. With this in mind, we provide the support they need to find that talent, automate their training, onboard employees and fill those gaps.

Remote work and its challenges

Lean Solutions Group provides remote talent, but we have office spaces in each country. Therefore, the client decides if they want their team in the office or working remotely. During the pandemic, we had to transition to remote work. Some significant challenges were employee training, setting straightforward tasks for their team, and managing expectations.

Mitigating remote risks

  • Providing software to track hours.
  • Documenting clients’ expectations.
  • Building a Quality Assurance team that manages dashboards and is focused on KPI performance.
  • Providing best practices benchmark for KPIs. Established communication cadence between U.S.-based office and remote office
  • Developing improvement plans based on data.

Ideal LSG customers

Growing companies. People looking to build efficient organizations. Companies that are struggling to find talent.

Onboarding process

  • 4 – 6 weeks onboarding time. Start with at least 10-15 positions.
  • Analyze the data through automation to see what’s working.
  • Using partners like Symtrain and Textlocate

Want to see how staff augmentation works with a real success case? Watch the full interview to find out how one of our brokerage clients went from 20 to 30 million in revenue to over a billion!

The Future for Lean Solutions Group

  • Hitting 10,000 employees.
  • 25,000 employees globally.
  • Continue expanding across the globe and providing incredible opportunities.

Lean Solutions Group has the people, power, and technology your business needs to make your big ideas a reality. Start scaling with us!


Watch the podcast episode where we take a full dive into Lean Solutions Group. Click here!


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