Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ AsiaPac 1: New Beginnings In A Chaotic New Normal

Join host Jonathan Kempe, and special guests Eric Dawicki and Jillian Carson-Jackson, on Let’s Talk Supply Chain Asia Pacific’s’ first ever episode! Jonathan, Eric and Jillian discuss a range of relevant, pressing and engaging topics, including: The characteristics and character of those that serve at sea; causes of the current disruptions in supply chains and across the maritime domain; the experience of a woman in maritime; the seafarer crisis, and how it has impacted professionals at sea, and global supply-chains. Eric and Jillian share their personal stories and reflections of being influenced, assisted, and challenged during their careers at sea.

Eric’s reflections on the current state of the supply-chain industry is decisive and thought-provoking. Jillian’s account as a woman in maritime is particularly moving – It is clear, even though great strides have been made, that there is still a lot of work to be done to support women who work in maritime environments. We also cover the evolving seafarer crisis, that has increased the disruption of global supply chains, and dramatically impacted the lives of many hard-working seafaring professionals. A call to change, and a message of support from the President of WISTA Australia, rounds out the episode.

 It is a privilege to hear from two seasoned practitioners. We look forward to further stimulating discussions with a range of guests from the Asia Pacific region, and from all over the world!


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