Lisa Dolan talks about her 26 year tenure at ALOM; how the industry has changed and the emerging trends to look out for; and why supply chain needs a re-brand.

395: Women In Supply Chain™, Lisa Dolan

In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain™, I’m joined by Lisa Dolan – a multi-award-winning supply chain professional, board member and speaker, dedicated to empowering women and girls across the industry.

Lisa is an experienced Supply Chain Executive, with a wealth of experience in global supply chain operations and reverse logistics management. With a remarkable 26-year journey at ALOM Technologies, Lisa has been the driving force behind strategic supply chain optimization plans that have substantially reduced costs, elevated service and quality levels, and helped achieve ESG goals.

Today Lisa will be telling me all about that impressive 26 year tenure at ALOM and what she loves so much about the company; how the industry has changed and the emerging trends to look out for; what organizations can do to elevate women in the industry; and why supply chain might just need a re-brand.





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Supply & Demand Chain

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[08.36] Lisa’s career journey, and how her spirit of adventure led her from IT to manufacturing and supply chain.

“Back in the day, there was no such thing as supply chain!… My whole life has been one big ‘oh, I’ll try that – that’s fun!’”

[09.58] An overview of ALOM and what they do; and the forward-thinking woman in supply chain that led Lisa to becoming one of the founding employees of ALOM 26 years ago.

[15.15] Lisa’s 26 year career at ALOM, the different ways she’s touched the business, and her current role.

“I’ve done every role that you can imagine… Now, as VP of supply chain strategy, my role is around strategic planning and helping clients align their supply chain – it’s a lot of fun!”

[17.29] The many and varied ways that the industry has changed over the course of Lisa’s career so far.

“The industry has transformed dramatically with digitalization, globalization, innovation – but then we also, despite those advancements, still have issues with disruption that we can’t control…. they underscored the fragility of our supply chains.”

“Tech has changed, but it’s created a skills gap… it handcuffs our ability to fully leverage these great new tech tools, because we need the people who know how to use them, and use them properly.”

[23.51] From demand planning and inventory to AI, the trends to look out for in 2024.

[28.43] The varied job roles within supply chain, and why it’s so important to spread the word that there is a place for women in the industry.

“We have a branding issue, but I don’t know why – it’s so fun!… It’s important for women and diverse individuals to see that they have a seat at the table in supply chain, it encompasses every skillset!”

[31.17] Lisa’s advice for women looking to build a career in supply chain.

[34.10] Lisa’s advice to organizations that claim to struggle when it comes to finding female, or other diverse, voices for events and speaking opportunities.

“It’s a shame that in 2024 we do still need the Blended Pledge!… I keep hearing that there just aren’t any diverse subject matter experts willing to get up and speak, and to that I say ‘hogwash!’”

[39.29] The personal and professional achievements that have defined Lisa’s life and career.

[43.13] The future for Lisa.

“I want to focus my energy on paying it forward.”




You can connect with Lisa over on LinkedIn.

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