159: Not Just Nuts and Bolts – Powered by Proximity

This is the third show in our “Not Just Nuts and Bolts” series, in partnership with Fastenal.

Last week in Episode 2, ‘Bring Us Your Problems,’ I spoke to Kris Van Dalen and we took a closer look at Fastenal’s onsite solutions, their response to the COVID-19 crisis and how we can prepare our businesses and supply chains for the future.

Today in Episode 3, ‘Powered by Proximity,’ we’re talking with Sam Nafe, Senior VP for National Account Sales Teams at Fastenal, and Jim DeMarco, Category Manager at PGT Innovations. We’ll be talking about their successful partnership and the topic of glocality – what it means, why it’s so important and exactly how Fastenal deliver it across the world.


[01.09] Sam’s career at Fastenal, his current role and why the percentage of Fastenal’s customer-facing staff might surprise you.

[02.22] PGT’s history, and Jim’s current role.

[03.40] What is glocality, and what does it mean for Fastenal and its customers.

“It allows the team to be creative… to achieve the objectives of each customer.”

[05.33] Why PGT chose Fastenal as a trusted partner.

“We take partnership seriously – we like to grow together.”

[07.30] Fastenal’s lean solutions, and how they helped PGT with their onsite needs.

[10.39] The challenges PGT were seeing which led to their partnership with Fastenal.

[11.55] The benefits that PGT have seen from working with Fastenal.

[13.35] How Fastenal were able to help PGT through the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring their supply chain.

[16.29] Why it was so important to PGT that Fastenal could pivot quickly and continue to meet their needs in testing times.

“Fastenal were able to preserve our glove allocation, which was critical.”

[18.29] A closer look at how Fastenal were able to support their customers through the crisis, and continue to supply much-needed PPE.

[20.44] Jim’s take on the future of PGT and Fastenal’s partnership.

[21.34] The future of that partnership from Fastenal’s perspective.

“Ultimately, we need to listen, as Jim’s business continues to evolve.”

[23.49] From cost to response time, Jim explains why businesses should choose Fastenal.

[25.07] The future of supply chain and how Fastenal will be innovating along with it.


Head over to Fastenal’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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