157: Creating a Gateway to International Logistics

As a maverick in the freight forwarding industry, Global Gateway Logistics believes in the creative persistence of deep analysis, learned experience and exceptional customer service. No matter the obstacle, operational challenge or budgetary constraint, Global Gateway Logistics will work tirelessly to support businesses supply chain and logistical needs.

A committed and forward-thinking freight forwarder and NVOCC, Gateway Global Logistics provide insights and recommendations through data analysis and experience to create game-changing solutions for your business operations.

Today, Caitlin Murphy, Founder & Managing Director of Operations, joins me to talk about Global Gateway Logistics, her approach to business and how exactly we go about creating transparent, strategic and successful supply chains.


[08.57] Caitlin’s background and how previous job dissatisfaction led to her founding Global Gateway Logistics.

“I had confidence that I could make an impact – and that confidence, coupled with my passion, outweighed the fear.”

[12.29] Exactly what Global Gateway Logistics does and how it helps its customers.

“We are determined to simplify global logistics, and we do that through customer service and technology.”

[15.39] What makes Global Gateway Logistics different, and its focus on diversity and creative thinking.

[22.22] Combining the power of data and technology with the power of people.

“The more that we’re all interconnected through technology, and can utilize it with a boutique customer service: that’s truly the future of freight forwarding.”

[30.47] The importance of talking about business on a global scale, partnerships and the benefits of global export.

“We have a duty to promote global trade.”

[37.14] A real life example of how Global Gateway Logistics helped a key customer.

[40.01] Growth, growth, growth – the future of Global Gateway Logistics.


Head over to Global Gateway Logistics’ website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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