156: Not Just Nuts and Bolts – Bring Us Your Problems

This is the second show in our “Not Just Nuts and Bolts” series, in partnership with Fastenal.

Last week in Episode 1, ‘Innovation at Work,’ I spoke to Dan, President and CEO at Fastenal to find out exactly who Fastenal are, what they do and how they’ve evolved to become a global company, with a local focus, who are much more than just nuts and bolts.

Today in Episode 2, ‘Bring Us Your Problems,’ we’re chatting with Kris Van Dalen and taking a closer look at Fastenal’s onsite solutions, their response to the COVID-19 crisis and how we can prepare our businesses and supply chains for the future.


[01.05] Kris’s career at Fastenal, and how the scope of their offering might just surprise you.

[02.47] Fastenal’s comprehensive COVID-19 response – which became far more than simply delivering PPE.

“The problem became much more than just the availability of an item.”

[07.37] How the COVID crisis has taught us why it’s so important to have trusted supply chain partners in place before a crisis happens.

“Our evolution is hinged on relationship-building, and the management of those relationships.”

[12.00] What Fastenal’s on-site model looks like and how it changes to meet customer needs.

[17.44] How Fastenal’s local presence and decentralized decision making helped to keep customers afloat during the COVID crisis.

“Their success is what drives ours.”

[23.19] A closer look at Fastenal’s ‘last mile’ system and why they do it differently.

[28.55] How we can future-proof our supply chains.

“Supplier integration, tighter partnerships – those are the key to future-proofing supply chain.”

[31.10] The future of supply chain and how Fastenal is well positioned to help facilitate it.



Head over to Fastenal’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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