151: Digital Business Plans include Blockchain

Jon Trask founded Digital SCM over 12 years ago and as the industry changed, he kept up. He went on to found ETA Guru and Identity Guru, which ultimately came together with Digital SCM to create Blockchain Guru, the powerhouse company we’re talking about today.

Blockchain Guru is working at the forefront of emerging tech, blending tested technology with modern advancements to deliver tangible results.

Today, Jon and I will be chatting about artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency and their benefits; how Blockchain Guru is making big changes in supply chain, and how emerging tech will help to shape the future of, not just logistics, but the world.


[07.51] What exactly is blockchain.

[08.55] The benefits of sharing data.

“People are generally reluctant to share their data, but [sharing data] gives you the ability to have a better, more robust process in improving your business.”

[11.21] From reducing third party dependency to creating immutable data, the benefits of blockchain.

 “In a world where we’re always worried about data security, blockchain changes what data security looks like.”

[14.34] The relationship between blockchain and bitcoin.

[15.33] The idea of data as currency.

[16.40] An overview of AI and machine learning, and its benefits.

[20.55] The balance between people and technology.

[24.41] An overview of Blockchain Guru, and ETA Guru.

“We help an organisation to define a problem, and then solution that problem.”

[30.31] A closer look at Digital SCM, and how the industry has changed since its inception 12 years ago.

“Historically, a lot of our work was around helping companies who are struggling with their existing technology. So, the mission hasn’t changed, but what’s changed is the technology.”

[36.32] Examples of how Blockchain Guru has helped customers to make efficiencies and save money.

“It’s amazing how much value is hidden in the data.”

[40.54] When, and why, you should get in touch with Blockchain Guru.

[43.58] From problem-solving to a unique solution for cattle-tracing, the future for Blockchain Guru.



Head over to Blockchain Guru’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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