146: A Holistic Approach to Pallets

Pallet Alliance takes a holistic approach to pallet program management that’s far more than just quoting pallet prices. Through managing cost drivers like sourcing, design and implementation, they deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to fit operational requirements, whilst investments in Iot-based logistics, customized reporting, and industry-leading expertise continue to drive their ongoing improvement.

And Tyson Steffens plays a key role. After holding positions at General Electric and United States Gypsum, he initially joined Pallet Alliance in 2003 as a business development manager. But now, after nearly 20 years with the company, Tyson and the team are transforming pallet program management with new technology, tailored solutions and a fresh outlook.

Today Tyson will be sharing his thoughts on the importance of partnerships, championing industry improvement, and how Pallet Alliance can help you to optimize cost, quality, and efficiency through their unique collaborative approach.


[08.50] How Tyson’s background in engineering, and at United States Gypsum, led him to the pallet industry.

[10.59] Exactly what Pallet Alliance does and how it helps its customers.

“We’re coming in as a cross functional team of speciality buyers.”

[13.37] The variety of options available in the pallet market, and how Pallet Alliance helps guide customers through them to find the right solution.

“We’re material, design and program agnostic – our goal is to help the customer.”

[17.33] The hurdles that companies often face when trying to source the right pallets for them, and Pallet Alliances’ holistic approach to problem-solving.

[20.21] How teamwork and sourcing the right product can save time and money down the line.

[22.13] Some real-life examples of the positive change and value that Pallet Alliance has delivered for its customers.

[27.23] A look at Pallet Alliance’s ideal customer.

[29.55] Why partnership is so important, both technically, and culturally.

“Nobody can do everything by themselves – we really do need each other.”

[33.25] Pallet Alliance’s commitment to social issues.

[38.25] From organic growth to a focus on de-risking, the future for Pallet Alliance.

“We’re the people to marry the pallet world with technology.”


Head over to Pallet Alliance’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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